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I request a relief from compliance for the following reason(s):
a. Any additional reduction in water consumption will result in unemployment
b. Additional members have been added to the household in comparison with 2013
(for water meters 1.5 inches and larger)
c. Larger household with more than four persons (for ¾ and 1 inch meters)
d. Additional landscaping has been added to the property since the corresponding billing period of 2013
e. Changes in vacancy factors in multi-family housing in comparison with 2013
f. Increased number of employees in commercial, industrial, governmental offices in comparison with 2013
g. Increased production requiring increased process water in comparison with 2013
h. Water uses during new construction
i. Adjustments to water use caused by emergency health or safety hazards
j. First filling of a permit-constructed swimming pool
k. Necessary water use for reasons related to illness or health issues for a member of the household
l. Other circumstances not described above.
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Additional documents can be emailed to drought@dpw.lacounty.gov
Attaching inappropriate or harmful photos or documents will result in rejection of application for relief.

In order to be considered, an application for relief must be filed with the District within twenty (20) days from the date the provision from which relief is sought becomes applicable to the applicant. No relief shall be granted unless the customer shows that he or she has achieved the maximum practical reduction in water consumption other than in the specific areas in which relief is being sought. No relief shall be granted to any customer who fails to provide any information necessary for resolution of the customer's application for relief. The decision shall be issued within twenty (20) days and provided to the customer.

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I certify under penalty of perjury that all the information provided is truthful and correct. I understand that this form is required to be submitted to the Los Angeles County Waterworks Districts, and that all information provided is subject to verification by the District. Supporting documentation (such as photographs, maps, drawings, or other pertinent information) must be attached to the Application, if applicable. The District may request additional information and/or inspect the interior and exterior of the premises. Knowingly providing false or misleading information for the purpose of receiving a relief from compliance with Phased Water Conservation Plan is subject to civil and criminal penalties. By this signature, the Applicant indicates understanding that the application for relief does not guarantee a variance will be granted, and the granting of a relief does not permit waste of water nor non-compliance with any other portion of the Phased Water Conservation Plan.

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