State Mandated - Watering Restrictions

Don't water your lawn during and 48 hours after the rain
Don't irrigate turf or ornamental landscapes during and 48 hours following measurable precipitation.
Don't wash down sidewalks and driveways.
Use a broom, instead.
Don't allow runoff from your property
Adjust sprinkler coverage, check sprinkler system for leaks, and replace broken sprinkler heads.
Don't wash motor vehicles with a hose, unless it is fitted with a shut-off nozzle.
Consider using an auto wash facility where water is recycled.
Don't operate fountains or decorative water features unless the water is recirculated.
Consider replacing outdoor water features with drought-tolerant plants or xeriscaping.
Guests of hotels are given options not to have towels and linens laundered daily.
Operators of hotel and motels must provide guests with the option of choosing not to have towels and linens laundered daily and prominently display notice of this option.
Restaurants can only serve water to customers upon request.
The irrigation with potable water of ornamental turf on public street medians is prohibited.
The irrigation with potable water of landscapes outside of newly constructed homes and buildings in a manner inconsistent with State regulations and requirements is prohibited.

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