Department of Public Works

Disaster Routes

Los Angeles County Operational Area

Disaster Routes are freeway, highway or arterial routes pre-identified for use during times of crisis. These routes are utilized to bring in emergency personnel, equipment, and supplies to impacted areas in order to save lives, protect property and minimize impact to the environment. During a disaster, these routes have priority for clearing, repairing and restoration over all other roads.

NOTE: Disaster Routes are NOT Evacuation Routes. Although an emergency may warrant a road be used as both a disaster and evacuation route, they are completely different. An evacuation route is used to move the affected population out of an impacted area.

The Disaster Routes for the Los Angeles County Operational Area (OA) have been split into North and South OA maps for easy viewing. Detailed maps have been created for affected cities within the OA. All maps are in PDF format. To view a map, click on the appropriate link below.

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