Southern California
Conversion Technology


The Southern California Conversion Technology Project is an initiative of the County of Los Angeles and spearheaded by the Los Angeles County Public Works, Environmental Programs Division.

Public Works

Los Angeles County Public Works’ mission is to provide public infrastructure and municipal services to protect and enrich the daily lives of over ten million people in Los Angeles County. Public Works is responsible for six core service areas:

• Public Buildings – we design and deliver high performing public facilities for people and services to thrive.

• Environmental Services – we lead, inspire, and support our communities toward a healthy, waste-free future.

• Water Resources – we provide sustainable water supplies and healthy watersheds, while reducing flood risk for our communities.

Transportation – we provide safe, clean, efficient transportation choices and rights-of-way to enhance mobility and quality of life.

• Development services – we help people build their dreams and ensure safe, healthy homes and communities.

• Emergency Management – as public safety partners and first responders, we maintain a highly trained and equipped workforce to respond to and recover from daily incidents, local emergencies, and major disasters.

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Environmental Programs Division

Los Angeles County Public Works, Environmental Programs Division (EPD) is dedicated to preserving the environment and protecting public health through a variety of innovative functions. EPD proactively implements and administers programs in the areas of solid waste recycling and disposal, landfill design, hazardous and industrial waste management, underground storage tanks, and industrial wastewater discharge to public sewer systems.

One of EPD's long-term goals is to research and implement state-of-the-art technologies to convert municipal solid waste into electricity, green fuel, and other useful products. Such vision and ambition demonstrate EPD's commitment toward fostering communities where residents live and work in a safe, clean, and sustainable environment, through engineering and ingenuity.

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