Public Works

2002 Stormwater/Urban Runoff Public Education Program Model Program

Executive Summary (PDF, 318 KB)
Five-Year Public Education Plan Overview (PDF, 184 KB)
  • Situation Analysis
    • Urban Runoff and Its Impact on the County’s Resources
    • Opportunities for the Five-Year Public Education Plan
    • Program Consensus
    • Our Greatest Challenges
    • Maximizing Public Education Budgets
    • The Five-Year Public Education Plan -- In A Nutshell
  • Overall Goals
  • Overarching Approach
    • Benefits of the Overarching Approach -- Los Angeles County
    • Benefits of the Overarching Approach -- Co-Permittees
    • Common Elements of the Overarching Approach
    • Campaign Signature
General Public/Residents (PDF, 219 KB)
  • General Public/Residents
    • Situation Analysis
      • Overview
        From Awareness to Behavior Change
        Regional Considerations
        What the General Public Knows or Believes
        Issues of Importance to the General Public
        Themes and Messages Targeted to the General Public/Residents
    • Communications Approach 
    • Activities 1 - 7 
  • Corporate Outreach
    • Situation Analysis 
    • Communications Approach 
    • Activities 1 - 3 
  •  School Education
    • Situation Analysis
    • Goals 

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