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News: A Bright Future For Waste Conversion

The Renewable Energy from Waste (REW) Conference attracted nearly 200 people to San Jose, California for a host of activities including preconference workshop, two days of educational sessions and tours of two of the leading facilities in the country for processing organic waste and producing energy. The city of San Jose was chosen as the location for the conference because of its approach to integrated waste management that has helped triple the citys commercial recycling rate and incorporate dry-fermentation anaerobic digestion (AD) to generate electricity. To read more about the conference and the state of waste conversion, click here


About the Program

Each day, 135,000 tons of trash is sent to California landfills. These materials represent a resource that could be better used to benefit the businesses and residents of California.

21st century conversion technologies are changing the way we think of trash or waste. The County of Los Angeles sees trash as a potential resource, and conversion technologies are an innovative way to convert that resource into renewable energy, biofuels, and other useful products.

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BioCycle West Coast Conference 2016
April 4 - 7, 2016
San Diego, CA | Website