Department of Public Works


Description Telephone Number
Requesting Information from Public Works To request general information or inquire about services.  Caller is directed to the appropriate division. (626) 458-5100
Reporting Emergencies or Graffiti To report emergency road, flood, sewer, traffic incidents, or to have graffiti removed. (800) 675-4357
Reporting Illegal Dumping of Waste To report illegal dumping of waste in unincorporated areas. (888) 838-6746
Reporting Illegal Dumping in Storm Drains To report illegal dumping of hazardous waste into storm drains. (800) 303-0003
Waste Collection Information To obtain information regarding waste and recycling services in unincorporated areas other than the Antelope Valley. (888) 253-2652
Street Lighting Information To request information pertaining to property tax bill, ballots sent under Prop 218, or to report street light outages (which are referred to SCE). (800) 618-7575
Environmental Information - Clean L.A. To request information regarding Recycling, Household Hazardous Waste, and Stormwater Pollution Prevention programs. (888) 253-2652
Recruitment Information To request information regarding career opportunities, job bulletins, applications, and the status of an exam. (888) 349-5005
Transit Operations Information To request information regarding our transit services, especially Special Events Program. (888) 524-6287
Beach Bus Information To request information regarding our Summer Beach Bus program; including the different routes and schedules. (888) 769-1122
Neighborhood Traffic Management Program (NTMP) Information To request information about the NTMP program or request a follow-up to a specific traffic concern. (800) 675-4357
Customer Service Feedback To report problems, request information, or provide feedback on all Public Works services. (800) 966-4379
County Improvement Information To request information regarding any of the County Improvement Projects or Drainage Benefit Areas and related assessments. (800) 216-6658
How’s My Driving? To report concerns or compliments about drivers of Public Works vehicles.  The program promotes employee awareness of the need for driving in a cautious, courteous and lawful manner, and demonstrates to the public the Department’s commitment to public safety. (800) 243-5661
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