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Top 10 Requested Forms
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1  LACSD Form (Joint Permit) - Related Industrial Waste Forms and Permits: Discharge Permit Application, Flow Monitoring, Combustible Gas Monitoring, Policies, Chloride, Baseline Monitoring Reports, Liquid Waste Disposal, and Surcharge. Print Only   Web
2  Water Plan Check Fees - A worksheet to calculate the total amount to be submitted for the water plan. Fill Out and Print   Adobe Acrobat PDF
3  Special Moving Provisions - Additional permit to the moving permit, if special provisions are required. This permit is void without attachments. Print Only   Adobe Acrobat PDF
4  Insurance Requirements for Additional Insured - Requirements for Certificate of Insurance for permits and contracts. Endorsement form is also required with Certificate of Insurance. Print Only   Adobe Acrobat PDF
5  Additional Insured Endorsement Sample Form - Sample Form Only. Endorsement form must be attached to Certificate of Insurance. Print Only   Adobe Acrobat PDF
6  Underground Storage Tanks - Hazardous Materials Underground Storage Permit (38-0012) - To file for a hazardous materials underground storage permit, application supplement, or notice to file authorization to maintain underground storage tanks under the Los Angeles County Unified Program Permit. (Updated 07/15/2013) Print Only   Adobe Acrobat PDF
7  Adopt-A-Highway Application - The Los Angeles County Adopt-A-Highway Program provides individuals, families, businesses, organizations, and public agencies with a unique opportunity to gain prominent recognition while beautifying the environment within their own communities. By collecting roadside litter or removing graffiti on walls and bridges, participants foster community pride and save taxpayer dollars. More Information  Print Only   Adobe Acrobat PDF
8  Employment Application - Employment Application (Updated 01/26/2012) Fill Out and Print   Microsoft Word
9  Excavation Permit Requirements (permit rider) - Attachment to excavation permit within the road right of way. Specifies additional requirements of the permit. (Updated 08/24/2006) Print Only   Adobe Acrobat PDF
10  Underground Storage Tanks - Closure Report Requirements (CRR) - This form needs to be signed by the UST owner and submitted with the Application For Closure when USTs are being closed by removal or in-place or when piping and/or dispensers are being removed. Print Only   Adobe Acrobat PDF