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The County of Los Angeles Department of Public Works was formed on January 1, 1985, consolidating the former County Road Department, a portion of the County Engineer- Facilities, and the County Flood Control District. In 1995, Public Works assumed the responsibility for capital projects from the County Internal Services Department.

Public Works is comprised of over 34 divisions and groups with 3,400 employees in more than 500 job classifications, including professional, technical, clerical, and skilled crafts. The Department's annual operating budget of $2 billion is funded by restricted revenues, such as gas excise and sales tax, benefit assessment, water and sewer sales, user fees, and contract cities revenues. Headquartered in Alhambra, California, the Department has 77 field facilities throughout the unincorporated Los Angeles County area, as well as contract cities.

The Department is responsible for the design, construction, operation, maintenance, and repair of roads, traffic signals, bridges, airports, sewers, water supply, flood control, water quality, and water conservation facilities, and for the design and construction of capital projects. Additional responsibilities include regulatory and ministerial programs for the County of Los Angeles, the Los Angeles County Flood Control District, Garbage Disposal Districts, other special districts, and contract cities that request services. The Department also monitors and controls traffic signals Countywide from its Traffic Management Center in Alhambra.

As a first responder agency for the County, the Department maintains a 24-hour Emergency Operations Center to respond to emergencies and disasters, such as flood, earthquakes, mud and debris flows, as well as problems reported by the public and other agencies.