Bouquet Canyon Road

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Is Bouquet Canyon Road open?
A. Bouquet Canyon Road may be closed for many reasons including traffic accidents, fires, and storms. Refer to the LA County Public Works Road Closure website for current road closures:
Q. Why does the road flood?
A. Several years of sediment and vegetation have built-up within Bouquet Canyon Creek, compromising the normal flow path of water through the canyon. Recent inspections of the creek and roadway by LA County Public Works engineers revealed that even minor storm flows could lead to potentially unsafe driving conditions for motorists.
Q. When will the issues affecting the road be resolved?
A. Conditions along this section of Bouquet Canyon Road will continue to be impacted until the normal flow path for water within Bouquet Canyon Creek can be restored. Click here for more information regarding the Bouquet Canyon Creek Restoration Project.
Q. How will the public be notified of closures?
A. Planned closures will be posted on the Public Works Road Closure website, and subscribers to the department's eNotify system will be automatically notified by e-mail. In addition, notifications targeted specifically to Bouquet Canyon can be obtained through our subscription box below. The California Highway Patrol also sends messages on closures through its Nixle social media account. First responders, city managers, school district officials, and utility companies and local media outlets are all alerted prior to closures.
Q. What alternative routes exist for communities during closures?
A. Big Oaks Lodge and other local destinations are still accessible from the north. San Francisquito Canyon Road runs parallel to Bouquet Canyon Road and connects north of the road closure area via Spunky Canyon Road.
Q. Is there emergency access during road closures?
A. Law enforcement, fire, Forest Service and utility crews all have access to the closure area for official business and emergency response will remain unaffected.
Q. How will the road closure affect postal delivery and trash collection?
A. The U.S. Postal Service, waste haulers and other service providers are notified prior to closures and are developing solutions to continue to provide their essential services to customers.
Q. How can I receive updates on road status?
A. Updates on the road closure are available on the Public Works Road Closure website. Sign up for automatic updates specific to planned closures for Bouquet Canyon Road via our subscription box below.
Q. Who can I contact if I have more questions?
A. For more information regarding road closures please contact LA County Public Works Road Maintenance District 2 at (626) 300-2080 or
For more information regarding the Bouquet Canyon Creek Restoration project, please contact or visit
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