Department of Public Works


Sewer Maintenance Division is divided into three main sections. Each of these groups provides a specific set of services to our customers, ranging from sewer maintenance, to treatment plant operation to plan checking. You can find out more about each of our sections below.

Field Operations - The Field Operations group includes the combined efforts of the office and field staff as they work together to clean, repair, and rehabilitate the sewer lines in the Consolidated Sewer Maintenance District. We have four yards and two sub-yards located throughout Los Angeles County.
Office Operations - The Office Operations group, consists of a combination of 6 units/teams which manage the budgets, assess sewer service charges, process mapping and annexation of new sewer lines, procure and purchase equipment, conduct plan checks, and waste discharge compliance service.
Treatment Plants & Pumping Operations - The Los Angeles County Department of Public Works Consolidated Sewer Maintenance District maintains 153 pump stations throughout the county and also operates and maintains three wastewater treatment plants in the Malibu area and one treatment plant at Lake Hughes in the North County area.
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