Department of Public Works
LA County Flood Control District
Assistant Deputy Director/
Division Engineer:

Angela R. George

Assistant Division Engineers:
Terri Grant
Paul Alva

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    Santa Monica Bay Beach Monitoring
    Do you swim or surf in the Santa Monica Bay? Do you eat fish, go boating or scuba dive? It's summer time, and if you live in Southern California you are most likely off to the beach soaking up the rays and enjoying some of the best beaches in the world.
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    Los Angeles River
    Master Plan Update for Fall
    In 1997, the City of Long Beach, through its Department of Public Works, created the Golden Shore Marine Reserve, a wetland habitat located at the mouth of the Los Angeles River in Long Beach Harbor. The project was completed as mitigation for the loss of habitat at the former Shoreline Lagoon, now known as Rainbow Harbor...
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      Update on Confluence Park
      Breaking Ground at Avenue 19
      Not A Cornfield
      City of Los Angeles: Continuing Task Force Efforts
      Greening Elysian Valley: One Park at a Time
      River Development Updates
      Watching Paint Dry
      Hydraulic Analysis Complete!
      Inside Scope
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