Topanga Canyon and Other FEMA Map Revisions

FEMA has revised the Flood Insurance Rating Maps (FIRMs) for Topanga, Old Topanga, Cold Creek, Dark and Escondido Canyons. The purpose of the maps is to more accurately identify Special Flood Hazard Areas (SFHAs) in these communities. The new FIRMs take effect December 21, 2018. Below are links to the new FIRMs and other helpful informational materials.

New FIRMs, Effective December 21, 2018
Flood Zone Information (includes Topanga Preliminary boundaries)
Notification Letter to Affected Property Owners
Notification Letter Exhibits

Topanga Open House Agenda Sept 2018
Topanga Open House Presentation Sept 2018
Topanga FAQ Sheet Sept 2018
Map Changes - What Property Owners Need to Know April 2015
Newly Mapped SFHA Ins Agt Fact Sheet
Flood Ins Agt Manual Newly Mapped Excerpt April 2019
Flood Ins Manual Policy Cancellation, Refunds Excerpt April 2019
Preferred Risk Policy Fact Sheet
Preferred Risk Policy Rate Table January 2019
FEMA Fact Sheet Elevation Certificate