Environmental Services

The Environmental Services Core Service Area encompasses the responsibility of ensuring that our waste is managed in a way that is safe, sustainable, and environmentally responsible.

We are committed to carrying out the sustainable values that reside at the heart of our dedication to the people of Los Angeles County through the implementation of community-focused Trash Collection Services, Waste Diversion Programs, and Landfill Capacity Management.

Public Works has made tremendous strides over the years to ensure the County’s sustainability by implementing a variety of waste management programs to promote recycling and waste reduction, as well as fostering alternatives to landfills, including conversion technologies. Our solid waste management team is committed to conserving environmental resources, by providing the opportunities to assist residents and businesses in reducing waste, and cultivating clean and healthy communities for generations to come.

It is our enduring adherence to our core values that has positioned us to stand as a regional leader and advocate for projects and policies that will help promote a sustainable waste management infrastructure and environmentally-conscious community.

It is our firm belief that together, we can lead, inspire and support our communities toward a healthy, waste-free future.

Key Sustainability Indicators
  1. Diversion Programs (Waste Reduction and Recycling)
Performance Metrics
  1. Pounds of waste disposal (lbs/capita/day) in Unincorporated County Areas
  2. % waste from Unincorporated County Areas diverted from landfills
  3. % construction/demolition debris diversion from landfills (private and DPW projects)
  4. Quantity of renewable energy or fuel from waste projects in Unincorporated County Communities
  5. Amount (cubic yards) of pavement waste avoided
  6. % pavement projects with sustainable treatments