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Find County services for construction, utilities, road, or transportation related services in or near your area.

Learn what you can do to reduce the amount of trash and organic waste, such as food waste, from going to landfills to help reduce the effects of climate change.

Search for permits related to Building and Safety, Transportation, Road, Environmental, Flood Control, and Bikeways in LA County.

A one-stop Internet portal for the public and solid waste industry to access information about solid waste facilities, waste disposal data, and methane-producing sites in Los Angeles County.

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About Environmental Services

Los Angeles County has the most complex solid-waste management system in the nation. Public Works manages waste collection and recycling services through a solid waste infrastructure consisting of residential waste collection franchises, garbage disposal districts, and a commercial franchise system.

Public Works also manages, operates, and maintains sewer infrastructure within the Consolidated Sewer Maintenance District (CSMD) and the Marina Sewer Maintenance District comprised of sewer lines, sewage pumps, and wastewater control treatment plants that serve residents within the County Unincorporated areas and CSMD member cities.

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