Department of Public Works
Marina del Rey Parking Lots 5 & 7 Water Quality Enhancement Projects (Water Resources)
Four proprietary bioretention BMP units will be installed in the Parking Lot 5 and a concave bioretention system will be constructed in the landscaped right-of-way between Parking Lot 7 and Admiralty Way. Post construction project closeout is anticipated in January 2015.
Benefits to Environmental Resources

The proposed projects are structural BMPs that will help clean runoff from Parking Lot 5 before it discharges into Basin F and help minimize the discharge of Parking Lot 7 runoff onto Admiralty Way by on-site infiltration.

Contribution to wellbeing of DPW and the County
The projects enhance the public right-of-way and help beautify the Marina del Rey local community.
Contribution to Economic Health
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