Brandon Street, Et Al. (Transportation)
Brandon Street Et Al. project involves the roadway, drainage, and street lighting improvements along segments of local residential streets (with no sidewalk and curb and gutter) on Brandon Street and Green Street in unincorporated area of Pasadena.  The $2 million project includes roadway reconstruction with new curb and gutter, pervious sidewalk and gutter, ADA curb ramps, decorative porous pavers, bio-swales, native drought tolerant landscaping, subsurface retention basin, and new street lights.  LACDPW performed stakeholder outreach and input for the implementation of the project design. 
Benefits to Environmental Resources
  • Recycling asphalt pavement for on-site reuse
    • Reduce haul trips and pollution emissions
    • Preserve natural resources
  • Retain stormwater runoff within hydrological subarea
    • Retention basin for stormwater infiltration into ground
      • Eliminates storm drain lateral construction
      • Will not add to storm channel capacities
    • Bio-swale planters
    • Pervious concrete in sidewalk and street
    • Porous pavers at various locations
  • Water conservation and treatment
    • Native drought tolerant plants for landscaping
    • Bio-swale planters for low flow treatment
    • Filtration units in catch basins for trash and sediment removal
  • Energy efficient street lights
    • Reduce energy usage
Contribution to wellbeing of DPW and the County

Quality of life enhancement for local community

  • Pedestrian safety
    • Sidewalks and parkways
    • Improved street lighting
  • Reduce traffic speeds
    • Narrower street and wider sidewalk/parkways to calm traffic
  • Accessibility
    • ADA curb ramps
    • Sidewalks and parkways
    • Driveways
  • Stormwater management
    • Curb and gutter to direct storm runoff away from private property
  • Community aesthetics
    • Landscape planters in parkways
    • Decorative pavers at various locations
Contribution to Economic Health

Cost savings

  • Energy efficient street lights
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