Quartz Hill Drain Project (Water Resources)
The project is located within the Los Angeles County unincorporated community of Quartz Hill, SD 5. It involves the construction of a storm drain system consisting of a mainline and five (5) laterals. The mainline consists of approximately 5,900 linear feet of reinforced concrete pipe (RCP) ranging in size from 66 inch to 87 inch in diameter and 4,700 linear feet of 87 inch diameter cast-in-place concrete pipe. The M-4 Lateral consists of approximately 1,800 linear feet of RCP ranging in size from 36 inch to 54 inch in diameter. The 50th Street Lateral consists of approximately 1,500 linear feet, the M Lateral consists of approximately 600 linear feet, and the L-4 Lateral consists of approximately 1,200 linear feet of 24 inch diameter RCP. The M-8 Lateral consists of approximately 900 linear feet of 36 inch diameter RCP. The system will be designed for a 10-year frequency design storm with a peak outflow rate of 644 cubic feet per second. The mainline will connect to an existing City of Lancaster drain, which has sufficient capacity to accept the flows. The project also proposes to resurface about 3 miles of existing pavement with the recycled asphalt pavement.
EnvISIon Quality of Life
The proposed project scored 70 out of a possible 155 in the Quality of Life category. The project addresses drainage deficiencies by providing necessary 10-year frequency flood protection. It also eliminates the need to pump retention basins during the dry seasons. With less flooding, the community productivity and attractiveness will also be improved. The existing detention basins will no longer be needed for flood control purposes. Since these retention basins are no longer necessary and these can be developed into future public space. Also, with reduction of flooding parks will be accessible year round. In addition as a result of the completed project, site accessibility and way finding will also improve since the project includes resurfacing of the existing pavement and installation of new reflectorized signing and striping.
EnvISIon Leadership
The project scored 77 out of a possible 121 points in the Leadership category. At an organizational level, sustainability is one of the Values in the Department's strategic plan. At a project team level, the team is committed to evaluating sustainability through the Envision rating system. There is also plenty of opportunity for stakeholder feedback and involvement. Coordination meetings with affected private and public agencies, such as the Cities of Lancaster and Palmdale have taken place. Additionally, project managers have been involved with all the activities related to this project during design and at construction phase of this project. Sustainability Rating and Evaluation of Department of Public Works Core Service Area Projects Sustainable Infrastructure Committee Page 41 The project provides improved infrastructure integration by eliminating the use of existing retention basins and replacing the need for flood control, with the use of reinforced concrete pipes. The result in an overall improvement in infrastructure reduces operational expenses.
EnvISIon Resources Allocation
The project scored 6 out of a possible 182 points in the Resource Allocation category. A life cycle energy assessment will not be conducted as part of the project design, so we were unable to obtain points associated with reducing the net embodied energy of the project. Also, our project specifications typically do not include a requirement for obtaining materials and equipment from suppliers who implement sustainable practices. The use of recycled or regional materials to minimize transportation costs and impacts will also not be strict requirement in the project specifications. Also, we were unable to obtain points for commissioning an energy system because there is no energy systems associated with the project. We were able to obtain points for protecting fresh water availability because the project requires minimal usage of freshwater.
EnvISIon Natural World
The project scored 49 out of a possible 168 points in the Natural World category. Four items were excluded in our rating because they did not apply to the project. These were the items associated with farmland, adverse geology, pesticide and fertilizer impacts, and development on steep slopes. The project is completely outside of greenfields and provides neighborhood revitalization, restores drainage ways, positively impacts the inhabitants, and make use of existing drainage infrastructure to reduce impacts. Because the project involves installation of a new storm drain system within the existing road right of way, the project avoids work on land that has been identified as a high ecological value or as having species of high value. The project also provides protection of the adjacent sites.
EnvISIon Climate and Risk
The project scored the least points 25 out of a possible 116 in the Climate and Risk category. This is mainly due to the fact that the rating system requires certain studies to qualify for the points. These studies include a carbon life cycle analysis to estimate greenhouse gas emissions and a climate impact assessment to assess climate threat. These studies are typically not conducted for a road and drainage project such as this one. The project provides infrastructure to alleviate the current flooding situations (10-year storm frequency flood protection) and includes consideration for changes and growth in the area affected.
EnvISIon Overall Rating
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