Department of Public Works
Eaton Wash Dam Inlet/Outlet Works Rehabilitation (Water Resources)
This project will replace the deficient outlet tower with a new hydraulic power system. The gates will be rehabilitated for reduced leakage and improved reliability. A new low-flow valve will provide precise control and improved water quality for ground water recharge. All existing lead-based paint and hazardous materials will be abated, and surfaces will be coated with new protective coatings, NSF certified for use with potable water. The project will also improve dam safety with erosion and slope protection measures at the downstream toe of the dam. New gates and signage will improve public safety and aesthetics of the facility. The project promotes sustainability with respect to water conservation and water quality benefits, extending the useful life of existing equipment and facilities, and reducing resources for future maintenance.
Benefits to Environmental Resources
This project will support downstream habitat with improved control for water releases. Additionally, the project has improved energy efficiency and reduced waste by extending the useful life of existing facilities.
Contribution to wellbeing of DPW and the County
The project will contribute to sustaining local water supplies while reducing flood risk for our communities in Los Angeles County. Equipment improvements will reduce maintenance and improve reliablity.
Contribution to Economic Health
The project provides the economic benefits of improving local water supplies and reducing imported water demand. Additionally, economic savings well be realized by the improved reliability and efficiencies.
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