Big Tujunga Dam and Sediment Removal Project (Water Resources)
The Project will remove 4.4 million cubic yards of sediment to restore the reservoir to its original design capacity of 6,240 acre-feet. Sediment will be removed using heavy equipment such as bulldozers, loaders, and scrapers. The sediment will then be placed in a previously established Sediment Placement site (SPS) located just downstream of the dam. The SPS will be vegetated with indigenous plants. The Project is currently in the concept phase, with either a conveyor belt system or low emission trucks being considered as feasible options for transporting sediment to the SPS. The project will include an environmental impact report, public review opportunities, and partnering with environmental agencies.
EnvISIon Quality of Life
The Project earned 29 out of 127 points in the Quality of Life section. There was limited opportunity for this project to achieve points in this section because the Project has minimal direct impact with the public; many items did not seem to apply. Enhancing public health and safety was a key aspect of the project, and earned some points in this section.
EnvISIon Leadership
The Project earned 35 out of 121 points for the Leadership section. Sustainability is a core value of the Department. The Department is actively planning for more sustainable sediment management. Stakeholder involvement included environmental agencies.
EnvISIon Resources Allocation
The Project earned 55 out of 151 points in the Resource Allocation section. Where applicable the plan will include reusing suitable material for aggregate and backfill. However, the majority of the sediment does not have marketable value, and the hauling distance would far exceed the benefit of reuse. Some required questions in this section were not applicable because few products are being purchased or installed. This resulted in zero points achieved.
EnvISIon Natural World
The Project scored best in the Natural World section with 119 out of 188 points. Many points were earned for the water conservation and flood management improvements. The Project is located near a critical habitat, but extensive planning efforts are being implemented to mittigate impacts to these areas. The SPS within a designated boundary, most of which has been previously developed for sediment placement. The use of native vegetation qualified for many points in this section.
EnvISIon Climate and Risk
The Project earned 51 out of 116 points in the Climate and Risk section. The majority of points were associated with adaptability and preparation for hazards. Many items in this section required specific studies, which have not been conducted for this project.
EnvISIon Overall Rating
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