Super Environmental Defenders
Take the Pledge!

Thank you for participating in the Environmental Defenders assembly program! Your school should have received Super Environmental Defenders pledge posters for each classroom.

After your students have all pledged to protect the environment and become Super Environmental Defenders, please complete the form below. Your class will receive membership cards for each student with a personal code to unlock the Super Environmental Defenders section on

Please note that only classes in Los Angeles County that have seen the Environmental Defenders assembly are eligible to become Super Environmental Defenders.

Complete and submit this form after your class takes the pledge:

Fields marked with * are required to submit this form

Why should my class take the Super Environmental Defenders pledge? The Super Environmental Defenders program encourages students to use what they learn from the assembly to protect the environment in their daily lives. It reinforces the messages students learned from the assembly about the personal responsibility we all share to take care of our planet.

How do we take the pledge? We recommend reading the pledge line by line and asking your class to repeat after you. Then, ask each student to sign their name in the space allotted to reaffirm the personal responsibility we all have to protect the environment.

What happens after we take the Super Environmental Defenders pledge? Classes that saw the Environmental Defenders assembly, took the Super Environmental Defenders pledge, and submitted the form above will receive Super Environmental Defender Membership Cards for each student in the mail within 2-4 weeks of submission.

Each card features a unique code to use on to access members-only games, music and more. Super Environmental Defenders can also download music from the assembly and create their own remix versions of their favorite Environmental Defenders songs.