Environmental Programs public counter located on the 3rd floor of the Annex building in Alhambra is open to the public. In order to maintain facility capacity we have implemented an online appointment system. Masks are highly recommended at all times for all visitors and staff. Click here to schedule an in person appointment or call (626) 458-3517 for questions or assistance.

For Stormwater questions or submissions, email us at sw@pw.lacounty.gov. You can also mail submissions to:

Los Angeles County Public Works
Environmental Programs Division
900 S. Fremont Ave
Alhambra, CA 91803

If you have any questions, contact the Environmental Programs Public Counter at (626) 458-3517, Monday to Thursday, 8 am to 4 pm.

Industrial/Commercial Facility Inspection and Certificate Program

Los Angeles County Code (LACC), Title 12, Chapter 12.80, established the Stormwater Industrial/Commercial Facility Inspection and Certificate Program in the unincorporated areas of Los Angeles County (minus Antelope Valley, Santa Catalina, and San Clemente islands) in 2006. This Program requires that specific industrial or commercial businesses register with the Los Angeles County Public Works Environmental Programs Division.

The purpose of Stormwater Inspection Program is to protect the health and safety of the residents of the county by protecting the beneficial uses, marine habitats, and ecosystems of receiving waters from pollutants carried by stormwater and non-stormwater discharges. The intent is to enhance and protect the water quality of the receiving waters of the county and the United States, consistent with the Federal Water Pollution Control Act, also known as the Clean Water Act. The Industrial/Commercial Facilities Program was created to meet the requirements of VIII. E. Industrial/Commercial Facilities Control Program of the Municipal NPDES Permit. Industrial and commercial facilities shall implement Best Management Practices (BMPs) to prevent stormwater pollution.

Registration and annual fees were established to pay for the inspection program. If you have any questions or need the stormwater registration form or other information, you may contact us at our public counter, via mail or phone.

Managed by the Los Angeles County Public Works, Environmental Programs Division
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