CSB Maps Table CSB1127 to CSB1198-5

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CSB1127 CSB1164-2 CSB1165-8 CSB1171-20 CSB1180-1 CSB1182-15 CSB1185-2
CSB1151 CSB1164-3 CSB1166-1 CSB1171-21 CSB1180-10 CSB1182-16 CSB1185-3
CSB1152-1 CSB1164-3~1 CSB1166-1A CSB1171-22 CSB1180-11 CSB1182-18 CSB1185-4
CSB1152-2 CSB1164-3A CSB1166-2 CSB1171-22A CSB1180-12 CSB1182-19 CSB1185-5
CSB1153 CSB1164-3B CSB1166-3 CSB1171-22B CSB1180-2 CSB1182-2 CSB1185-6
CSB1154 CSB1164-4 CSB1166-3A CSB1171-23 CSB1180-3 CSB1182-20 CSB1185-7
CSB1155 CSB1164-5 CSB1171-1 CSB1171-24 CSB1180-8 CSB1182-21 CSB1185-8
CSB1156 CSB1164-6 CSB1171-10 CSB1171-25 CSB1180-9 CSB1182-3 CSB1185-9
CSB1157 CSB1164-7 CSB1171-10A CSB1171-25A CSB1181-1 CSB1182-4 CSB1186-1
CSB1158-1 CSB1164-8 CSB1171-11 CSB1171-25B CSB1181-2 CSB1182-5 CSB1186-2
CSB1158-2 CSB1164-9A CSB1171-11A CSB1171-25C CSB1181-2A CSB1182-6 CSB1186-3
CSB1159 CSB1164-9B CSB1171-12 CSB1171-3 CSB1181-2B CSB1182-7 CSB1186-4
CSB1161-2 CSB1165-2 CSB1171-13 CSB1171-4 CSB1181-3 CSB1182-8 CSB1187
CSB1162 CSB1165-3 CSB1171-14 CSB1171-5 CSB1181-4 CSB1182-9 CSB1188
CSB1163-2 CSB1165-3A CSB1171-15 CSB1171-5A CSB1182-1 CSB1183-1 CSB1192-2
CSB1163-3 CSB1165-4 CSB1171-16 CSB1171-6 CSB1182-10 CSB1183-2 CSB1198-1
CSB1163-4 CSB1165-4A CSB1171-17 CSB1171-7 CSB1182-11 CSB1183-3 CSB1198-2
CSB1163-5 CSB1165-5 CSB1171-18 CSB1171-8 CSB1182-12 CSB1184-1 CSB1198-3
CSB1163-5A CSB1165-6 CSB1171-19 CSB1171-9 CSB1182-13 CSB1184-2 CSB1198-4
CSB1164-10 CSB1165-7 CSB1171-2 CSB1175 CSB1182-14 CSB1184-3 CSB1198-5

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