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Underground Storage Tank (UST) Program
UST Public Information Meeting
A Public Information Meeting was held on April 21, 2015 at Public Works Headquarters. A copy of the information presented at the 04/21/15 public information meeting is available here (PDF, 3.4MB). Click on links for Public Information Notice (PDF, 446KB) and Draft UST Ordinance (PDF, 253KB).

Junta de Información Pública de UST
Una junta de Informacion Publica se llevo a cabo el dia 21 de Abril, 2015 en la oficina central del Deparatamento de Obras Publicas. Una fotostatica de la informacion presentada esta disponible aqui (PDF, 3.4MB). Haga clic en las siguientes conexiones para el Aviso de Información Pública (PDF, 755KB) y la Ordenanza Preliminar de UST (PDF, 253KB).

The Underground Storage Tank (UST) Program of the County of Los Angeles Department of Public Works, Environmental Programs Division (DPW EPD) permits and inspects underground storage tanks within the unincorporated areas (PDF, 32 KB) of Los Angeles County and 77 cities. The Unit regulates all unauthorized releases from underground storage tanks.

Los Angeles County Code (LACC), Title 11, Division 4, established the underground storage tank program in Los Angeles County in 1983. The Los Angeles County Underground Storage Tank Program's goal is to protect the public, the environment (air, soil and groundwater) and UST owners/operators by ensuring that UST facilities are permitted, designed/installed/modified, operating and eventually closed in compliance with local/state/federal requirements.

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