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This project requires the Bidder to possess a license classification of "B" at time of bid. The work includes the utility connection to new laundry equipment, electrical and plumbing upgrades to the current laundry building, and installation of a water softening system to support the new equipment. Additionally, an on-site inmate restroom and employee break room will be refurbished as part of the project scope. Laundry equipment is furnished and installed by others. A mandatory pre-bid conference and site visitation will be held on July 19, 2016, 10:00 a.m. at 29350 The Old Road, Castaic, CA 91384, to answer questions concerning the project.
AED7740014 - Pitchess Laundry and Water Tanks Replacement Project (Addendum Count: 2)
7/5/2016 8/2/2016
The County of Los Angeles is offering a unique opportunity to redevelop a 1960s-built courthouse, situated on 1.8 acres of land in San Pedro, CA, a port community immediately adjacent to the Port of Los Angeles. The Courthouse site is situated in a strategic location in a neighborhood that has undergone and is anticipated to experience significant ongoing investment. By 2026, over $1 Billion is slated to be invested, to help revitalize the waterfront from Wilmington to San Pedro, branded as the LA Waterfront. The selected Developer will have the opportunity to build on a significant wave of development activity, including Phase I of the San Pedro Market, a $100 Million revitalization of the Ports O' Call located less than 0.5-miles from the subject property. The County anticipates acquiring 100 percent ownership of the Courthouse Property by September 2016. In anticipation of this closing, the County is inviting Proposals from interested developers that will promote the continued REVITALIZATION of San Pedro. Following selection and successful negotiations, the County is looking for a Developer to redevelop the property as quickly as possible. It is anticipated that a Developer will be selected no later than 4th Qtr. 2016. The County will retain ownership of the Property and the proposed development will be subject to a long term ground lease. Through this Request for Proposals, the County intends to identify a collaborative Developer to engage the community and establish a preferred development program to effectuate the revitalization of the Property identified herein including a joint use component. Details of the opportunity presented, information on the Community and local Trade Area, the selection process, and information to be included in developer proposals follows.
AED7740022 - San Pedro Courthouse Revitalization Development Opportunity
7/26/2016 9/27/2016
Survey County-owned facilities and utilize the County's newly developed facility maintenance tracking system for facilities' long-term and life cycle projections over 25 years.
AED7740026 - Deferred Maintenance Program Management Services
7/28/2016 8/25/2016
2012-FA001 - Non-Exclusive Commercial Franchise Services (Addendum Count: 3)
2014-SQPA001 - RFSQ for Landscape and Grounds Maintenance Services (Addendum Count: 2)
2015-SQAN007 - RFSQ for As-Needed Channel Clearing Services
2015-SQPA002 - RFSQ for Graffiti Removal Services (Addendum Count: 3)
2015-SQPA004 - RFSQ for Street Sweeping Services (Addendum Count: 1)
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