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The County of Los Angeles, Department of Public Works is requesting Statement of Qualifications submittals from Design-Build teams interested in performing the design, construction, and warranty maintenance for the proposed Consolidated Correctional Treatment Facility project located at 441 Bauchet Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012. A mandatory pre-submittal conference to answer questions concerning the project will be held on March 28, 2017 at 2 p.m., at the Department of Public Works, 900 South Fremont Avenue, Conference Room C, Alhambra, California 91803. Mandatory Part A - pre-submittal conference is for CCTF Proposers and their team members only. Attendees are strongly encouraged to RSVP their attendance to the conference via e mail to by March 28, 2017, 6 A.M. Please see Notice to Proposers A for more information.
AED7740033 - Design-Build Services Consolidated Correctional Treatment Facility (Addendum Count: 1)
3/13/2017 4/20/2017
The County of Los Angeles, on behalf of the County of Los Angeles Department of Public Works (Public Works), the Los Angeles County Flood Control District (Flood Control District), and the Los Angeles County Waterworks Districts (Waterworks Districts) which will be referred to in this RFP in its entirety as ¿County¿, is inviting proposals from qualified firms to provide as-needed biological, environmental, and cultural services for various water resources projects and projects adjacent to Flood Control District channels and streams throughout Los Angeles County. Consultants will utilize in-house personnel and subcontractors who have skilled experience and expertise with project management of highly publicized projects and who will provide a proficient level of quality assurance and quality control (QA/QC). The Consultant must meet County and District¿s deadlines for report submittals, because County and District have submittal deadlines that are specified in their permits and agreements with the regulatory agencies. The County and the District are seeking quality consulting firms with experience in: native habitat preservation, restoration and creation, environmental document preparation, environmental permitting, permit compliance, environmental planning, surveying of biological, ecological, cultural and other environmental resources, monitoring, reporting, consultation, conducting feasibility studies, water quality, soil, air quality/climate change, and noise analysis, re-vegetation, arborists and landscape managing, vector, pest, and aquatic spraying, working with habitat conservation agencies handling southern California native and exotic biological resources, landscaping with southern California native species, handling and management of southern California cultural/tribal resources, and public relations.
AED7740052 - As-Needed Environmental Services for Water Resources Branch (Addendum Count: 1)
3/16/2017 4/13/2017
The County of Los Angeles Department of Public Works (Public Works) is inviting proposals from qualified firms to provide a waste characterization study for the County of Los Angeles unincorporated areas (CUAs). Public Works is proposing a waste characterization study to examine solid waste composition and generation rates originating out of particular sectors in the CUAs, and the highest and best use alternatives for diverting major components of the waste stream. The results of this study will enable Public Works to more confidently design programs which address accurate trends in solid waste disposal and diversion.
AED7740053 - Waste Characterization Study for Los Angeles County Unincorporated Areas (Addendum Count: 1)
3/7/2017 4/5/2017
The project includes new decomposed granite trails, new retaining walls at sloped hillsides, new bench cuts at sloped hillsides, new post and cable rails, new fencing, and new landscaping along the trail.
AED7740064 - Park To Playa Trail: Stoneview Nature Center To Scenic Overlook Segment (Addendum Count: 4)
2/14/2017 3/30/2017
The County of Los Angeles Department of Public Works, on behalf of the Chief Executive Office, is inviting proposals from qualified firms to provide as-needed master plan and strategic facilities planning services for a range of County of Los Angeles departments, properties, and initiatives. The County provides a vast range of services to a population of over 10 million residents and is the only local government for approximately 10 percent - or 1 million - of the County's residents of the unincorporated areas. The County employs over 100,000 staff located in client-facing facilities, administrative offices, and other tactical and support facilities. The objective of this solicitation is to select qualified small, medium, and large size firms to provide the requested services. A total of up to six as-needed contracts will be awarded from this solicitation; one small sized category firm, two medium sized category firms, and three large sized category firms. A pre-proposal conference to answer questions concerning the project will be held on March 23, 2017 at 1 p.m., at the Department of Public Works, 900 South Fremont Avenue, Traffic Management Center Conference Room, Annex Building, First Floor, Alhambra, California 91803. Attendance is strongly encouraged. Proposers may also dial (626) 458-7900 or (800) 721-0008 to join the pre-proposal conference via conference call. If you have any questions regarding this Request for Proposals, you may contact Ms. Erayna Chang at (626) 300-2325, or by e-mail at Proposers must submit questions in writing and request information for this solicitation at least one week prior to the proposal due date.
AED7740066 - As-Needed Master Plan and Strategic Facilities Planning Services (Addendum Count: 1)
3/8/2017 4/12/2017
The County of Los Angeles Department of Public Works (Public Works)is inviting Design-Build proposals from interested firms to perform the design, construction, and warranty maintenance for the Park to Playa: Stoneview Nature Center to Hahn Park Segment (Project) located between Stoneview Nature Center at 5950 Stoneview Drive, Culver City, CA 90232 and the Kenneth Hahn State Recreation Area at 4100 South La Cienega Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90056
AED7740067 - Design-Build Services-Park to Playa Trail: Stoneview Nature Center to Hahn Park Segment (Addendum Count: 1)
3/2/2017 3/30/2017
Road maintenance facilities may include, but are not limited to, paved streets, road shoulders and slopes (embankments), road culverts and swales, dip crossings, improved and unimproved sidewalks, parkways, and bridges. The Contractor shall be required to restore the maintenance facilities to their original undamaged condition.
AED7740069 - As-Needed Emergency Facilities Repair Services for Road Maintenance Division (Addendum Count: 3)
3/9/2017 3/29/2017
Scope of work includes the installation of a new approximately 5,000-foot long 8-inch water line. Installation of a new grease interceptor; refurbishments of the existing Onsite Wastewater Treatment System; electrical upgrades, which include replacement of the main electrical service and gear, installation of a new site-wide standby generator, and installation of smoke detectors.
AED7740070 - Fire Camp 13 Life Safety Improvements Project (Addendum Count: 1)
3/8/2017 4/10/2017
To provide Project Labor Agreement Administration Services.
AED7740071 - Project Labor Agreement Administration Services
3/22/2017 4/5/2017
Dam Spillway Mechanical and Electrical Modifications
FCC0001251 - Santa Anita Dam Spillway Modification Project (Addendum Count: 4)
1/31/2017 4/11/2017
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