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The scope of services includes providing prefabricated modular buildings/ trailers in two phases. The modular buildings for Phase 1 are to be leased for 5 years with optional lease extensions of a maximum of 2 additional years. The modular buildings for Phase 2 are to be leased for 2 years and 9 months with optional lease extensions of a maximum of 2 additional years. This project requires the Bidder to possess a license classification of "B" at time of bid. The general contractor must have completed, within the last 3 years, at least 5 projects involving the leasing, installation and mobilization of prefabricated modular buildings, with a minimum of one project of 30,000 square feet.
AED7739950 - Rancho Los Amigos National Rehabilitation Center - Interim Lease Facilities/Modular Buildings (Addendum Count: 4)
10/21/2014 11/6/2014
The project will include removal of the existing dock system at Anchorage 47 and replacement with a new dock system consisting of 11 new reconfigured docks with 253 slips, and repair and upgrade of the landside utilities, boardwalk area, and parking lot serving Anchorage 47. In addition, the project will include removal and in-kind replacement of the small dock system at nearby parcel 55, and repair and upgrade of the security gate and fencing and parking lot area serving Parcel 55. This project requires the general contractor firm to possess an active "A" license classification at the time of bid. In addition, in order to meet the minimum experience requirements to qualify to bid on this project, the general contractor must have previously completed, as a prime contractor or as a subcontractor, at least two similar type projects within the last 10 years that included installation of prefabricated concrete module floating boat docks with precast concrete guide piles. Refer to the project manual for further details.
AED7739953 - Low-Bid Anchorage 47 Dock Replacement Project
10/28/2014 11/20/2014
The County of Los Angeles Department of Public Works is inviting proposals from qualified firms to provide third party labor compliance program manager services for the County of Los Angeles Department of Public Works. The objective of this solicitation is to select up to two firms that are the best qualified to provide the requested services. The maximum contract amount is $2,000,000 for each firm selected. The term of the Consultant Agreement will be for three years, commencing on the date of full execution of the contract. The County shall have the right, at its sole option, to extend the term of the Agreement for up to two additional one-year terms.
AED7739954 - RFP- As-needed Consultant Services for the Third Party Labor Compliance Program Manager Services
10/30/2014 11/26/2014
Bridge Replacement
RDC0014837 - Avenue J over Little Rock Creek (Addendum Count: 1)
9/30/2014 11/4/2014
Pipeline Replacement
WWD2100003 - Kagel Canyon Road Watermain Replacement
10/21/2014 11/18/2014
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