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Environmental consultant services to support project approval recommendations for potential future development at the Rancho Los Amigos Campus, located at 7601 E. Imperial Highway, Downey, CA 90242.
AED7740043 - Rancho Los Amigos Executive Environmental Consultant Services
2/9/2017 3/9/2017
The County of Los Angeles Department of Public Works (Public Works) is inviting proposals from qualified firms to provide Architectural and Engineering Design and Construction Administration services for the replacement of the Fire Alarm, Nurse Call, and Waste Line Plumbing systems at the Olive View-UCLA Medical Center (OVMC), located at 14445 Olive View Drive, Sylmar, California, 91342. The OVMC main hospital building is approximately 29 years old, licensed for 355-beds with an area of approximately 516,800 square feet. The acute care hospital's current, existing Honeywell Delta 1000 Fire Alarm, Executone Nurse Call and Code Blue, and the cast iron Waste Line Plumbing systems were installed when the facility was originally constructed in the 1980s. The systems have reached the end of their life spans and now need to be replaced. The selected A/E shall be required to prepare architectural and engineering design documents and to provide design and construction administration services, per the County's selected project delivery method, to replace the OVMC existing systems with the following new systems: * Fire Alarm and Nurse Call systems at the main Hospital Building; * Fire Alarm system at the Central Cogeneration Plant and Supply Chain Building; * Paging System in the nurse call announcement areas; * System Clocks to be compatible with new nurse call system; * Smoke and Fire Dampers ¿to include an architectural reevaluation of the hospital's current use of space and associated occupancy requirements for smoke compartments eliminating any existing dampers that would be no longer required; * Waste Line Plumbing system throughout the main Hospital Building.
AED7740058 - Architectural and Engineering Services for the Olive View-UCLA Medical Center Infrastructure Upgrade Projects (Addendum Count: 1)
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1/23/2017 3/2/2017
The work to be done under the Contract is to renovate the existing approximately 4,000-square-foot, single-story Hudson Auditorium, including a structural extension of 5,180 square feet, for a total space of 9,180 square feet. A 7,875-square-foot outdoor playground space is part of the project scope. The new facility will be in full compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. The interior remodel will include two infant rooms, two toddler classrooms, three preschool classrooms, an administrative office, reception counter, staff lounge, and support spaces. The outdoor playground area will include walkways, shade structures, fencing, landscape, and hardscape consisting of rubberized matting and decorative concrete pavers. The new facility will meet all current licensing requirements, including outdoor play areas.
AED7740060 - Martin Luther King, Jr. Medical Campus Child Care Center Project (Addendum Count: 1)
2/1/2017 3/7/2017
Work involves installing a comprehensive equipment grounding system for the communication and computer equipment at the Sheriff's Communication Center, to provide lightning protection and increase communication equipment performance.
AED7740063 - Sheriff's Communications Center Electrical Grounding Project (Addendum Count: 1)
2/14/2017 3/16/2017
The project includes new decomposed granite trails, new retaining walls at sloped hillsides, new bench cuts at sloped hillsides, new post and cable rails, new fencing, and new landscaping along the trail.
AED7740064 - Park To Playa Trail: Stoneview Nature Center To Scenic Overlook Segment (Addendum Count: 1)
2/14/2017 3/16/2017
Provide ongoing Operations, Monitoring and Maintenance of the Blanchard Landfill Gas Control System on the Eastern Avenue Hill Complex.
AED7740065 - Ongoing Operations, Monitoring and Maintenance of the Blanchard Landfill Gas Control System on the Eastern Avenue Hill Complex
2/23/2017 3/16/2017
Dam Spillway Mechanical and Electrical Modifications
FCC0001251 - Santa Anita Dam Spillway Modification Project (Addendum Count: 1)
1/31/2017 3/28/2017
Belmont Shore Pump Station
FCC0001254 - Belmont Shore Pump Station - Mechanical and Electrical Rehabilitation
Bids may be submitted electronically using Bid Express,
1/31/2017 3/7/2017
Reconstruction of Roadway
FCC0001267 - Puddingstone and Marshall Canyon Channels Reinforced Concrete Box Culvert Trench Settlement Repair
2/7/2017 3/7/2017
Traffic Signal Synchronization
TSM0010178 - Slauson Avenue, et. al., Traffic Signal Synchronization Project
2/14/2017 3/14/2017
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