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The work includes but is not limited to the following: Demolish/abandon the existing on-site wastewater treatment system and construct a new on-site wastewater treatment system; rehabilitate existing wastewater leach fields lines and install new wastewater collection lines; demolish the existing two 25,000-gallon steel potable water storage tanks and construct two new 25,000-gallon steel potable water storage tanks; install a new potable water treatment system; construct a new potable water well; install new site security lighting; install smoke detectors in dorms; and various electrical upgrades. Upon substantial completion of the project, the contractor shall manage, operate, and maintain the Potable Water Treatment System and the On-site Wastewater Treatment System for one (1) year and shall comply with all the requirements, including among others, testing, sampling, monitoring, and reporting to the State Division of Drinking Water and the State Regional Water Quality Control Board. Refer to Plans and Specifications.
AED7740094 - Fire Camp 19 Life Safety Improvements Project (Addendum Count: 2)
7/11/2017 8/23/2017
The County of Los Angeles Department of Public Works is inviting proposals from qualified firms for a Master Architect (A/E), to perform programming, planning, design (scoping documents), solicitation assistance, and design and construction phase services for the implementation of Design-Build services for the Hall of Records Modernization Project.
AED7740099 - Request for Proposals for Master Architect, Architectural Engineering, Planning, and Design Services for Hall of Records Modernization Project
8/17/2017 8/31/2017
Dam Spillway Mechanical and Electrical Modifications
FCC0001251 - Santa Anita Dam Spillway Modification Project (Addendum Count: 2)
7/11/2017 8/22/2017
Bridge Preventive Maintenance
RDC0015831 - Bridge Preventive Maintenance Program - Group 5 (Addendum Count: 1)
Bids may be submitted electronically using Bid Express,
8/15/2017 9/12/2017
Bikeway Improvements
RDC0016054 - Florence Metro Blue Line Station Bikeway Access Improvements
Bids may be submitted electronically using Bid Express,
8/17/2017 9/14/2017
Monument Signs & River Rock
RDC0016115 - Altadena Monument Signs
Bids may be submitted electronically using Bid Express,
8/1/2017 8/29/2017
Relocation of 6,900 feet of 4 inch to 12 inch steel water main
WWD4024002 - Pearblossom Highway Water Main Relocation 121st Street East to Longview Road
Bids may be submitted electronically using Bid Express,
8/15/2017 9/12/2017
2012-FA001 - Non-Exclusive Commercial Franchise Services (Addendum Count: 3)
2013-IT016 - As-Needed Information Technology Student Interns Program (Addendum Count: 1)
2014-AN022 - As-Needed Vehicle and Equipment Repair and Towing Services Program (Addendum Count: 2)
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