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Note: This site is a “work in progress”. Survey Division is in the process of populating this site with over 1,000,000 field book pages and this will take time. Your patience is appreciated.

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Parcel Map Ties  Tract Ties
These PDF's show what Tract or Parcel Ties are filed with the county. Check the interactive map to check for more current Tract and Parcel ties. We are working to get Tract and Parcel ties online as complete books as soon as possible, if a book has not yet been compiled you can come into the Public Counter for copies.

These books are offered as complete field books without page search capabilities.

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Book 0116-1029 Book 2711-2732 Book 3124-3220 Book 3432-3528 Book 3820-3904
Book 1033-1402 Book 2733-2837 Book 3221-3309 Book 3529-3626 Book 3906-3931
Book 1409-2412 Book 2838-3008 Book 3310-3332 Book 3627-3720 Book 3932-4102
Book 2413-2613 Book 3009-3033 Book 3333-3431 Book 3721-3819 Book 4116-4135
Book 2615-2710 Book 3035-3122
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