Los Angeles County Building and Safety

Frequently Asked Questions


Q1:Who is notified once a plan check is complete?
A1:All personnel with an email address provided on the original BSOP application will be notified via email.
Q2:I don’t see the reviewed files, am I looking in the right place?
A2:All reviewed files will be listed in the “Reviewed files” section. Verify you have selected the correct plan check and you are viewing all the pages. Refer to page 3 of this guide.
Q3:Do I need to notify the plan checker once I have re-submitted online?
A3:No, you no longer need to contact the plan checker; they will be automatically notified via email when you resubmit.
Q4:Is there anything I can do to facilitate an ePC review?
A4:Yes, you can:
  • Upload separate files per discipline (Architectural, Structural, calculations, etc.) & book mark the pages, if possible.
  • Provide responses on the red-lined plans.
  • Upload agency approvals as you receive them.
  • Label each file concisely and appropriately without special characters (semi colons, commas, apostrophes, question marks, etc.)
Q5:If I submit my plans electronically, can I switch to paper plans during the plan check process?
A5:At this time, if you submit the plans electronically, the process must be completed electronically. The same applies to paper submittals.