Doing Business with the County Airports
Operating a Business

There are various requirements to be met prior to engaging in commercial activities at any of the County-owned airports. Commercial activities are defined as any activity with the intent to generate and/or secure earnings, income, compensation (including exchange or barter of goods and services), and/or profit, whether or not such objectives are accomplished.

Operating Agreement Requirements

Arrangements to conduct commercial activities at any of the County-owned airports must be made with the airport manager prior to engaging in such activities. Arrangements may include, at a minimum, obtaining a lease or other operating agreement and a permit for engaging in commercial activities, providing the airport manager with information relevant to your business, and the payment of applicable fees if any. To make arrangements to conduct any commercial activity(ies) at a County-owned airport, please contact the airport manager for the particular airport(s) where you would like to conduct the activity(ies). Contact information for the airport managers is available at our Contact Us webpage.

Compliance With Regulations & Standards

All commercial activities shall comply with the airport's Rules and Regulations and Minimum Standards and Permits. The Minimum Standards establish minimum requirements to be met by entities engaging in various types of activities on the County-owned airports. For more information regarding the Rules and Regulations and Minimum Standards, please visit our Rules and Regulations website and Minimum Standards and Permits website.

Filming & Photography

Please be aware that filming and photography for commercial purposes on the County-owned airports is considered a commercial activity and requires a permit and the payment of applicable fees prior to engaging in these activities. For more information regarding these activities and the various requirements, please visit our Filming & Photography website.

List of Airport Businesses

For a listing of the current businesses operating at the County-owned airports, please visit our Airport Businesses/Service Providers website.

Thank you for your interest in doing business at the County-owned airports!