Youth Organizations & Opportunities

The County airports are home to numerous youth-oriented organizations dedicated to providing local youth with low cost flight training, youth education and emergency services, free orientation flights, field trips and community service opportunities among others.

Following are some of the youth-oriented organizations and programs located at the County airports:

Air Explorer Kittyhawk Squadron 3
Provide low cost flight training for youth.
Aviation Explorer Program
Provide flight training, and opportunities to explore careers in aviation.
Civil Air Patrol
The Civil Air Patrol (CAP) is a national volunteer organization. Its various squadrons are civilian auxiliary units of the United States Air Force and are dedicated to providing aerospace education, emergency services and cadet operations.
Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) Young Eagles Program
Provides aviation education opportunities and free aircraft orientation flights for youth.
Tomorrow’s Aeronautical Museum
Provides opportunity to learn about aviation through viewing various aircraft and aircraft memorabilia. Also provides educational and career preparation programs and flying opportunities for local youth.

The County airports also host numerous events and activities directed to the local youth and general public throughout each year. Some of the events have included Challenge Air for Kids & Friends, Aircraft Display Days, Fly-Ins, Air Races and others. In addition to providing tours of the airport facilities, airport personnel also participate in local events such as the American Heroes Air Show held at the Hansen Dam Sports and Recreation Center each year, Career Days at local public and charter schools, and the annual Aviation Career Day held at Van Nuys Airport, among numerous other airport-related events and activities. Check the Events & Activities calendar for upcoming events at the County airports.