Property Rehabilitation Program

To mitigate the existence of substandard conditions on private property, the County of Los Angeles initiated the Property Rehabilitation Program in 1960. The Rehab program provides for the arrest and abatement of neighborhood deterioration and the elimination of unsightly, unsafe, and unhealthful conditions. This is achieved through the repair or demolition of substandard structures and the removal of trash, junk, debris, inoperable vehicles, and overgrowth from private properties. Through the application of the building codes, the Rehab program helps to safeguard the health, safety, and public welfare of communities. In addition, the program helps to protect property values, preserve residential neighborhoods and the overall image of the County.

Common Rehab Violations

  • Abandoned or partially destroyed buildings
  • Buildings with broken window or doors constituting potentially hazardous conditions and inviting trespassers and malicious mischief
  • Attractive nuisances dangerous to children, such as abandoned or broken equipment or neglected machinery
  • Broken or discarded household furniture visible from the street
  • Trash, junk or debris in yard areas
  • Inoperable or abandoned motor vehicles stored for unreasonable periods in yard areas

Whenever substandard or unsightly conditions exist on private property that constitutes a public nuisance, Building and Safety Division may issue abatement orders to the property owner(s). The abatement orders first allow for voluntary compliance. If voluntary compliance is not obtained, Building and Safety, adhering to the property owners’ rights to due process, would abate the nuisance conditions with County forces. The cost of the work would then be billed to the property owner(s).

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