Tell me about Inspections

What is an inspection?

Once you have received your permit, you will be issued an inspection card that is to be posted at the job site. When the work that is permitted reaches certain completion points you are required to call the office that issued the permit to have a building inspector come out and review the work to ensure that the work performed meets the requirements of the building code and/or matches the approved plans.

For simple permits such as dishwasher, water heater or garbage disposal installations the only inspection requirement is for the inspector to look over the final installation of the various plumbing and mechanical connections.

For more complex construction there may be multiple inspections required along the course of the construction. If you are building a new building or adding on to an existing structure inspections are required for the foundation forms and steel placement prior to pouring the concrete. There will be a final inspection and sign off of the foundation once the foundation is cured. There also may be plumbing inspections required if any of the plumbing is to be buried in the concrete.

This inspection process is critical to ensuring that all the work is done correctly and to the plans and specifications. Final sign off the entire permit(s) is necessary to close the project and if desired issue the Certificate of Occupancy (CoO) indicating the completion of the work. A CoO is not issued for simple permits as mentioned above but it may be obtained for more complex projects such as room additions, new or extensively remodeled homes or certain commercial projects. If you are interested in receiving a CoO at the end of your project mention this to the permit technician that is processing your application. There are extra fees required for the issuance of this document.

Special Inspections

Some construction work requires special skills to inspect the work performed. When a project involves this type of work the plan check engineer will indicate that a “Special Inspector” will be required on the job. The County certifies certain individuals as Special Inspectors in various areas. The permit will indicate what work will require a special inspector that is to be hired by the design engineer of record on the project. A list of the inspectors currently certified by the County is available at Special Inspectors Page

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