ADVANTAGES of the Los Angeles County RMDZ

As the largest manufacturing center in the United States, Los Angeles County possesses an abundant supply of recycled-content materials available for manufacturing and is an ideal location for most types of businesses. Depending on your needs, there are many ways the Los Angeles County RMDZ may assist your business. Here are four:

Locate Feedstock
Feedstock can vary in specifications, quantity, and reliability of source. Although finding these manufacturing materials may prove challenging, RMDZ can help by facilitating communication between companies looking for the same materials or establishing relationships between complementary businesses. For more information on feedstock sources or locations at which you can post your materials, visit the following sites:

  • Los Angeles County Smart Business Recycling

    Market Your Products
    Marketing is important to the success of any company. If your company produces products made from recycled-content materials, it may be listed on the CalRecycle's directories following sites:

  • Recycled-Content Product Directory by CalRecycle
  • RecycleStore by CalRecycle
  • Made in California (trademarked) by California Manufacturing Technology Solutions

    RMDZ Loan Program
    The RMDZ Loan Program provides direct loans to businesses and nonprofits that are located in a Recycling Market Development Zone. The purpose of these loans is to promote market development for waste materials.

  • RMDZ Revolving Loan Program
  • The current interest rate may be found at RMDZ Program News

  • Provide Additional Assistance
    Whether your business is located in the Los Angeles County RMDZ or not, you may need assistance which we cannot provide, or have a question we are unable to answer. For additional business assistance, contact the following agencies:

  • California Department of Resources Recycling Recovery (CalRecycle)
  • CalRecycle Online Resources for RMDZ
  • Community Development Commission of the County of Los Angeles
  • Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation
  • Los Angeles County Department of Regional Planning
  • Los Angeles Small Business Development Center
  • United States Small Business Administration - Los Angeles District Office

  • To speak with an administrator or for more information, contact the Los Angeles County RMDZ at (626) 458-3537, Monday through Thursday, 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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