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Reuse is using an item more than once.

Items can often be used again for the same function, and with enough creativity can also be used for a new function. Check out the information in this section to learn all about ways that you can reuse items so you don't have to throw them away.

Reuse can be practiced easily by reusing an item over and over again. You can breathe new life into many common household objects by discovering new and innovative ways of reusing them. Before you throw it away, take a moment and learn useful tips that will allow you to repurpose and reuse numerous items found in your home.

Find out tips on how you can reuse

Each sheet of discarded paper represents at least 71 times its weight in pre-consumer waste. This is true for all products and materials. So you never ever throw anything away unless it is absolutely necessary. Remember, rethink! Then reduce, reuse or recycle!