County of Los Angeles Departmental Recycling Program

Quick Tips


  • Set your printers and copiers for double-sided printing.
  • Request documents to be sent electronically and facilitate online submission of forms, plans, and documents. Access and review documents online.
  • Simplify documents to reduce the total number of pages.
  • Store documents electronically when possible instead of printing and storing hard copies.
  • If faxing of documents is still needed, use Post-it fax transmittals instead of cover sheets.
  • Use plastic, glass, or ceramic plates and mugs instead of disposable ones.
  • For facilities other than typical office environments, find more waste reduction tips under the Smart Business Recycling Program.


  • Reuse file folders, envelopes, binders, etc.
  • Reuse other side of old paper documents for drafts, scratch, etc.
  • Reuse old storage boxes again and again, including packaging materials.
  • Use reusable bags to carry out purchased items from the cafeteria and nearby stores.
  • Use reusable utensils, food and beverage containers at the office.
  • Donate, acquire, or exchange materials with other County and non-County agencies using the L.A. County Surplus Program.


  • Recycle white paper (printer/copy paper with minimal colored ink use and lined notebook/ledger paper), mixed paper (colored paper, vellum, coated paper, heavy paperboard, carbonless paper, and newspaper), and corrugated cardboard.
  • Remove paper clips and other fasteners (besides staples) from paper to be recycled.
  • Rinse beverage containers before placing in bin (a quick rinse is sufficient).
  • Contact your Recycling Coordinator for info on your department's recycling programs.
  • Coordinate pickup of trash, recycled paperboard/cardboard and beverage containers, scrap metal, x-ray film, and confidential documents for destruction with your facilities management.
  • Recycle used motor oil and filters, EPS (foam) packaging, food waste, and green waste.

Buy Smart and Close the Loop

  • Ask your procurement/supply officer to purchase recyclable or recycled products for office supplies and equipment.
  • Buy post-consumer recycled paper. County offers discounted prices on recycled-content paper.
  • Purchase products with reusable, minimal or no packaging.
  • Request that deliveries be shipped in returnable containers and return cardboard boxes to the distributor when possible.
  • Buy only necessary products and buy in bulk or in concentrated form to reduce packaging.


Motor Oil Filter