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Simple Ideas for Reducing

Simple Ideas For Reducing

Here are a few simple ways you
can reduce:

Waste reduction in your work place
Print double sided copies
Reuse envelopes
Make scratch pads from used paper
Use narrow ruled notebooks
Save documents on external media rather than make hard copies
Print more words on each page (margins and font size reduction)
Proof documents on screen before printing
Donate old magazines and journals to charity
The SmartBusiness Recycling Program helps businesses find where to recycle paper, electronics and computers, food waste, textiles, and many other business wastes
Bring your own cup(s) and utensil(s) to potlucks and luncheons
Reduce advertising mail by writing to:
Direct Marketing Assn., Mail Preference Service,
PO Box 3861, NY, NY 10163-3861.
Request that your name and address be deleted from their list