Resident Trash Services
Public Works currently manages two types of solid waste collection systems: Residential Franchise System and Garbage Disposal Districts (GDDs). In a residential franchise system, an agreement is awarded to an exclusive waste hauler to provide trash collection and recycling services to all single-family residences and duplexes within specific unincorporated communities. In a GDD, a contract is awarded to a waste hauler to provide trash collection and recycling services to all residential and commercial properties in designated unincorporated communities that have been recognized as garbage disposal districts. Unincorporated areas that are not franchised or established as a GDD currently operate through an open market system for trash collection services.
Residential Franchise System: This system services residential customers throughout the unincorporated areas of Los Angeles County who utilize cart services, excluding the Garbage Disposal Districts.
Garbage Disposal Districts: This system services residential and commercial customers in the unincorporated areas of the South LA and Malibu communities.
Open Market: This system services customers in County unincorporated areas, which are not part of a Garbage Disposal District or in the Residential Franchise System.
Residences with Dumpster Services: For Residential customers who utilize dumpster services or roll-off bin services.
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NOTE Commercial Solid Waste Collection: Public Works also provides commercial solid waste collection services for unincorporated County businesses, multi-family properties (of five units or more), and single-family properties.