Lime Stabilization

What? Lime is an additive that is mixed into asphalt pavements in order to enhance durability.

Why? The addition of lime in HMA mixtures has significant benefits. It has proven to be a very effective additive in laboratory testing and field results. By including mixtures with lime, it provides several advantages:

  1. Improved resistance to moisture damage
  2. Acts as a mineral filler which stiffness the asphalt binder and HMA
  3. Improves resistance to fracture growth caused by low temperatures
  4. Alters plastic properties of clay fines to improve moisture stability and durability
  5. Reduces deleterious effects therefore reducing oxidation and rate of aging
  6. Increases stability and durability of mixtures

When? Lime can be mixed into new HMA mixtures or into pulverized base layers resulting from FDR processes.

For more details, refer to SECTION 301-6 - LIME STABILIZED PULVERIZED BASE (LSPB) of LA County Special Provisions - Section R - Roadway

Sources for more information:
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