Alondra Park Regional Stormwater Capture Project

Roosevelt Park


Water Quality

• Sewer Diversion
• Treat and Return to Storm Drain

Community and Recreation

• Educational Signage
• Drought Tolerant Plants
• Restoration of Park Amenities

The proposed project will collect urban and stormwater runoff from a 4,495-acre drainage area into underground storage galleries below Alondra Park in the unincorporated County area of El Camino Village (3850 Manhattan Beach Blvd, Lawndale, CA 90260). The captured stormwater runoff will be either pumped through a cartridge filter treatment system back into the storm drain or be diverted to a nearby sewer trunk line. The project will improve stormwater quality by preventing stormwater pollutants from ultimately discharging into to the Dominguez Channel. In addition, the project will restore and enhance existing park amenities, and provide educational and outreach opportunities.


Event Date
Complete Project Concept Report Spring 2019
Complete Design Plans Late 2020
Begin Construction Mid 2021
Complete Construction Late 2022


To receive project updates, contact Mercedes Passanisi at (626) 458-7121 or or Aaron Chiang at (626) 458-7115 or