Department of Public Works
Video Conferencing System (Water Resources)

The Los Angeles Department of Public Works, Waterworks Division (Waterworks) has three offices located in Alhambra, Lancaster, and Malibu.  A considerable amount of time is spent traveling between offices for meetings.  Therefore, Waterworks purchased three video conferencing systems and installed them in the conference rooms of Waterworks' main office in Alhambra, and at the Lancaster and Malibu Yards.  Each system consists of a 60-inch flat screen monitor, desktop computer, video conferencing codec, a 1080p camera, and a microphone.

Currently, there are a number of meetings held on a regular and irregular basis that include staff from each of the three locations.  Waterworks calculated that the video conferencing systems will save significant costs by eliminating some of the trips made by staff to the main office for those meetings while providing a much higher level of interaction and effective communication than teleconferencing over the telephone. 

Benefits to Environmental Resources
The reduced traveling between offices will cut a considerable amount of greenhouse gases produced from vehicle emissions as well as decreasing the amount of fuel used.
Contribution to wellbeing of DPW and the County
By reducing the amount of time Waterworks' employees spends on the road driving between offices, frustration and stress are also reduced.
Contribution to Economic Health
The cost of the three video conferencing systems was approximately $50,000.  Replacing five in-person meetings per month with video conference attendance will save over $80,000 yearly in labor and travel expenses.
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