Department of Public Works
Energy Conservation and Efficiency (Information Technology)
Determine the carbon footprint or reduction in green house gas (GHG) when looking into or considering Energy Conservation and Efficiency. For example, virtualize servers; implemented Faronics (computer management software used to power off equipment after a period of inactivity); and recycling/upcycling hardware.
Benefits to Environmental Resources
Virtualization of servers and implementation of Faronics both aim at reduced energy consumption, as a result, less GHG's are omitted. Additionally, using a recycling or upcycling program benefit the environment with less waste going to landfills.
Contribution to wellbeing of DPW and the County

Increased savings and decreased energy usage, reduction in GHG's, sense of being part of the community because of responsible stewardship. Being a responsible steward stresses that the person is the most important resource on earth and must be at the heart of all sustainable development.

Contribution to Economic Health
Cost savings via fewer hardware servers and energy consumption reduction. Also, E-waste reduction via recycling/upcycling the number of units repurposed/donated to other county departments or agencies. Department energy savings qualify for Southern California Edison rebates. Saving can then be diverted toward more services for customers.
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