Department of Public Works
Oxford Basin Multi-Use Enhancement Project (Water Resources)
The Project seeks to enhance area flood protection, increase basin capacity, improve water quality and circulation, and restore native habitat and aesthetic appeal to an existing retention basin facility. The Oxford Basin site encompasses approximately 10.7 acres with several storm drain outlets and tide gates that connect to the waters of Marina Del Rey.The Project will significantly revitalize the area around the retention basin by providing public access with the addition of walking paths, observation decks, and shorter ornamental fencing and lighting for public safety.
Benefits to Environmental Resources
The Project aims to improve water quality of the basin with an operational plan for the tide gates to allow for tidal circulation of the basin water.  The daily movement of basin water will dissolve oxygen levels in the basin water and allow for healthy exchange of water between Oxford Basin and the marina.  Contaminated sediment (approximately 2600 cubic yards) will be removed from the invert of the Oxford Basin to ensure concentrations of toxics, metals, and other pollutants do not contribute to the marina during the tidal exchanges.  The Project also calls for the restoration of native habitat with drought tolerant species of plants throughout the site. 
Contribution to wellbeing of DPW and the County
The neighboring community has expressed a strong desire to add recreational amenities and enhance site aesthetics of the Oxford Basin area.  Community benefits include much improved public access to Oxford Basin.  The proposed walking trail around the basin and observation areas provide passive recreational opportunities for the local community.  Additional lighting, way-finding and interpretive signage encourage community interaction with the basin as an active pedestrian corridor and public space.  The plan also integrates the existing bicycle path for improved connectivity with the Marina Del Rey area. 
Contribution to Economic Health
A significant positive economic impact is the improved flood protection for the local residential area.  The proposed project will increase basin capacity and mitigate for local flooding along the adjacent Washington Boulevard and Oxford Avenue. Efforts to improve water quality of the basin will result in minimizing discharges of pollutants to the marina.  The aesthetic and environmental enhancements of the Oxford Basin site may be beneficial for the neighboring home values and a catalyst for future economic development of the marina Del Rey area. 
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