Noise Abatement
Compton/Woodley Airport

The County-owned airports are surrounded by noise sensitive residential and commercial areas. In order to mitigate potential negative impacts from aircraft operations and enhance compatibility with the surrounding communities, the Department of Public Works maintains a proactive noise mitigation program with requested VFR flight paths, operational restrictions, and limited activities during certain hours of the day.

In consideration for the communities surrounding the County-owned airports, pilots are requested to operate their aircraft in the quietest practical manner consistent with safety and Air Traffic Control instructions.

  1. All aircraft shall fly the landing pattern so as to remain south of the airport. Flight patterns north of the airport are prohibited. Runway 25L and 25R arrivals -- standard left-hand pattern. Runway 7L and 7R arrivals - standard right-hand pattern.
  2. All aircraft operating at Compton/Woodley Airport should broadcast intentions on Compton Unicom/Traffic frequency.
  3. Touch-and-go landings are not permitted.
  4. No traffic pattern practice between 10 p.m. and 7 a.m.
  5. Aircraft shall not linger on runway. If a delay is necessary, the aircraft should taxi clear of runway.
  6. Helicopters shall not air-taxi, or hover over, or in close proximity to people, vehicles, or other aircraft.
  7. Avoid school 1/2 mile east of runway centerline when approaching Runway 25 and departing Runway 7.
  8. Straight-in approaches or departures are not recommended.
  9. Helicopters shall not practice any of the following: hover-taxi, air-taxi, full down auto rotations or run-on landings on any runway, taxiway, ramp, or non-movement area (grass in-field), except as authorized, in writing, by the Director of Aviation for the County of Los Angeles, or his designee.