Public Buildings

Job Order Contracts

The Job Order Contracting (JOC) process is a flexible, cost-effective unit price contracting method used by the Department to complete maintenance, repair, and refurbishment of County infrastructure and building facilities. JOCs are publicly advertised for competitive bidding and awarded to the lowest responsive and responsible bidders in accordance with the State Public Contracting Code. The use of JOCs is a straightforward contracting process that provides accelerated project delivery, reduces administrative costs, and lowers direct construction costs while meeting all Federal, State, and County procurement requirements. In addition, the JOCs include a Local Worker Goal that requires a good faith effort by the contractor, and any subcontractor, to employ local workers to perform at least 40 percent of the total construction worker hours expended on each individual work order issued against the JOC. Each JOC contract is for a duration of one year and is limited to a $4.5 million ultimate contract value.

The contract documents for a JOC consist of the specifications and a list or catalog of stipulated unit prices for various items of work. The latter is sometimes referred to as the "Construction Task Catalog" (CTC) or "Unit Price Book." Depending upon the structure of the contract documents and the number of items, the unit price book may be a separate, bound document or included at the back of the specifications. All of the unit prices incorporate appropriate local wage, local materials and local equipment prices, and are for the direct cost of construction. The bid is comprised of an overall factor that is applied to the unit prices listed in the price book, and the contract is awarded to the bidder with the lowest aggregate bid factor.

After award of the contract, work is authorized by issuing individual work orders on an as needed basis. The contractor, under the JOC contract, furnishes management, labor, materials, equipment, and engineering support needed to perform the work. Plans and other details of work to be performed are issued to the contractor as part of the work order process.