Construction Management

Capital Projects Program: Overview

Public Works is involved in managing the planning, programming, design, and construction of capital improvement projects with a total project value of approximately $3.6 billion as part of the County's Capital Improvement Program. Capital improvement projects include repair, renovation, and/or expansion of existing building facilities and construction of new building facilities for many County Departments, including among others Animal Care and Control, Beaches and Harbors, Fire, Health Services, Mental Health, Parks and Recreation, Probation, Public Health, and Sheriff.

Because of the diversity of projects for which Public Works is responsible, we utilize a variety of project delivery methods to complete capital improvement projects, including design-build, job order contracts, and design-bid-build. In evaluating options for delivery of projects, we work in conjunction with the Chief Executive Office and the client department to define the parameters of the project and select the most appropriate project delivery method that best enables the County to meet the established project goals and objectives. Public Works is committed to finding new and innovative ways to provide outstanding value and service in the delivery of capital improvement projects.