Tuxford Green Multiuse Project

Tuxford Green Multiuse Project is located at the intersection of Tuxford Street and San Fernando Road in the Sun Valley Community. Historically, the intersection suffered from chronic flooding during light to moderate storms. The project incorporates a series of catch basins and storm drains to collect runoff from the 2.2 square miles of urban watershed that drains to the intersection. Stormwater is conveyed under the intersection and hydraulic pressure pushes flows up to an existing culvert, where the flows continue downstream. A portion of the collected storm water is diverted into a 45,000 gallon underground cistern, treated for pollutant removal, and used for irrigation. The project also includes landscaping of a barren corner of the intersection with native plants. Benches are incorporated to provide passive recreation for pedestrians.

Construction of the Tuxford Green Multiuse Project was completed in 2007 with a total project cost of approximately $3.7 million, provided by the Los Angeles County Flood Control District. Operation and maintenance of the project components are shared between the City of Los Angeles Bureau of Sanitation and the City of Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks.