Airport Projects
Compton/Woodley Airport

Runway 07R-25L and Alhpa Taxiway Pavement Rehabilitation – Construction

The paved runway, taxiway, and connectors are degraded and in need of reconstruction (Pavement Condition Index rating of 41 and below).  The project would consist of rehabilitating the existing Runway 07R/25L (3,322' x 60'), parallel taxiway Alpha, and connectors with no additions or deletions of paved areas is required to comply with Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) standards, along with the County’s formal Airport Pavement Maintenance Program to improve the current conditions.  The project would include removal or in-place pulverization of existing asphalt concrete, grading, drainage, layout, and pavement striping.  The construction is anticipated to start July 2017 and will conclude in December 2017.  Construction Division is currently advertising the construction contract.

Project Status: Ongoing
Contractor/Consultant Opportunities: Yes

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