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Concept of Operations

The system facilitates the supervision of event management for establishing and enhancing real-time transportation management and traffic control in the County. The system allows multiple categories of users to participate in event management, incident management, developing traffic control strategies, and retrieving and evaluating results. The system provides reports that include system performance data. In addition to standard reports included with KITS, the user can create customized reports that can use data available from the relational database. KITS provides the following primary modes of traffic control:

  • Manually controlled system elements. The user with proper privileges can select a timing plan to run for a particular intersection. This plan will continue to run until it is canceled.
  • Time-Of-Day system elements controlled via an automated time-of-day schedule. This includes intersections as well as cameras and the video wall, if these elements are included with the deployed version of KITS.
  • Traffic Responsive system elements controlled based on responses to traffic flow data received from sensors on the roadway.
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