The Kimley-Horn Integrated Transportation System (KITS) is a commercial off the shelf traffic control system purchased by the County of Los Angeles Department of Public Works in 2004. KITS provides for continuous monitoring of traffic conditions and traffic signal operations and builds upon the benefits achieved by the traffic signal synchronization projects completed by Public Works. The system provides once per second monitoring of traffic signals. Traffic signal monitoring provide Public Works staff with immediate notification of signal malfunctions, thereby enabling faster and more efficient maintenance responses. The system also enables traffic signal timing to be controlled and coordinated from remote workstations, including those at our Traffic Management Center (TMC) at the Public Works Headquarters facility in Alhambra. Working in conjunction with our wireless communication system and leased telephone lines, the system provides two way communications and control functions between the traffic signal controllers and both the County TMC as well as remote workstations installed in cities within Los Angeles County.

In the future, this traffic signal control system will interface with the County's Information Exchange Network, thereby allowing for the exchange of arterial traffic data and information across jurisdictional boundaries. This information sharing will provide for implementation of arterial traffic management strategies and coordinated traffic signal operations. It also enables agencies to work together to reduce response time during incidents and emergencies. This capability to monitor and control the operation of traffic signals between jurisdictions will benefit the motorists and transit users that rely on the arterial highways.

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