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System Overview

KITS provides a wealth of traffic control and traffic engineering features designed to enhance traffic flow on arterial networks. These functions have been developed and refined over 15 years of continuous operation.


Traffic control features include support for the following modes of operation: TOD Schedules, Event Schedules, Traffic Responsive, and Manual Command. These modes of operation can be selected on a time-of-day basis or by operator command. Similarly, intersections can be assigned to a different control section by TOD schedule or operator command. A traffic control summary report allows the operator to quickly identify active control modes across the full extent of the system. In addition, a current command display provides a list of all active manual commands.

Current Commands Display
Current Commands Display

This flexibility allows the traffic engineer to configure and refine the system to meet the demands of predictable traffic patterns. KITS functionality goes well beyond control of the predictable. A commonsense approach to congestion management provides additional features designed to mitigate unusual traffic conditions created by incidents, weather, or other causes.

Real-Time Monitoring
Real-Time Monitoring

Functions include:

  • Collection and reporting of detector data including volume, occupancy, and speed for planning and timing plan development  Editing of signal controller databases including edit, download, upload, and import functions.
  • Integrated time/space diagram with drag-and-drop offset modification.

  • Real-time coordination logic display.
  • Cycle Summary Reports.

  • Cycle Summary Report
  • Split monitor for comparing programmed and actual splits
  • Measure-of-effectiveness (MOE) data collection including stops, queues and delays
  • Real-Time System Status Report

  • System Status
  • Real-Time Test Board Display

  • Test Board Display
Incident Management

KITS provides a comprehensive database capability to record and track incidents over time. An operator that manages an incident can edit and store a wide range of information related to the incident. This data is available through reports for historical analysis.

Event Log Report
Event Log Report

Communication Statistics Report
Comm Stats Report

KITS provides comprehensive security provisions that can be tailored to meet an agency's needs. An operator with administrative security access can configure roles within the system.


Effective maintenance of transportation system components is critical to successful traffic operations. KITS provides equipment monitoring, failure alerts, diagnostic displays, and historical tracking of all system components.

KITS Alert Viewer
Alert Viewer


A partial list of supported device types includes the following:

  • Model 170
  • CCTV cameras
  • Video switches
  • Loop and video detectors

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