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Maintenance Electrician

Los Angeles County Code Title 27 Section 82-4(d) provides for the registration of Maintenance Electricians. A Certificate of Registration as a Maintenance Electrician may be issued to a permanently employed electrician(s) of a firm for the purpose of installation, alteration, or maintenance of electrical wiring or equipment on the premises of the firm. Each applicant shall be a qualified electrician and shall have a minimum of two years experience in that capacity with that firm.

The application for a Certificate of Registration as a Maintenance Electrician shall be made in writing by a responsible officer of the firm and shall designate one or more persons as registrant(s). The request shall include the following information:

  1. The name(s) of the person(s) being registered
  2. The name and address of the company where the person(s) being registered will be working
  3. Certification by the company that this person has worked as an electrician for the company for a minimum of two years
  4. The resume(s) of the person(s) being certified

A fee of $222.10 shall be paid for each Certificate of Registration. Each registration shall expire on June 30, biennially, in even-numbered years. Registration may be renewed on or before that date, by submitting a new application and fee. Fees will be prorated for certificates issued that expire in less than two years. The County of Los Angeles will notify the applicant prior to the expiration of the certificate(s).

A Registered Maintenance Electrician shall comply with all requirements of the Los Angeles County Electrical Code for the issuance of permits, the payment of permit fees, and the installation and inspection of work performed. All such work shall be accurately recorded and such records are to be made available to the Chief Electrical Inspector.